Month: June 2021

Precision Ground Vs. Planer Machine Press

Press Brake Tooling Press brake tooling is an important step in creating tools for the manufacturing process. Planer machine press is a conventional tooling process, but for the customer where the precision of the product matters, the precision, precision ground tooling is chosen. It’s essential to know the differences between using Precision ground tooling (PGT) and Planer machine press tooling (PMPT) to make it cost-effective. Both the tooling machinery has their purposes in the manufacturing process. Still, it...

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2-4-1 System

The 2-4-1 tooling system for TRUMPF machines is made up of quick-change punches with a replaceable punch tip insert. The punch tip insert costs less than a standard punch and can be made from Wilson Tool’s proprietary Ultima® tool steel which has been shown to last up to 2x longer between grindings than standard steel. These enhancements ensure that optimal life and durability are placed where the tool needs it most – in the tip. The 2-4-1 system is also designed to keep unnecessary costs at bay, as you only need...

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