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Die Solutions For Tough Material

Bend Thick Metal Parts

Bending heavy materials always results in excessive wear on your die that causes die changes which will be time-consuming and costly. So why use these long, expensive, and labor-intensive die changes when you can use an adjustable die or replaceable shoulder die. These dies will help you reduce tool wear and improve reliability.

When To Look Into a New Die Solution

If your company faces any of the situations listed below, the chances are that an adjustable die or replaceable shoulder die will be helpful to your company.

Heavy Plate (6.35mm – 1/4″ and heavier) – You frequently use heavy and abrasive materials such as hardened steel, stainless steel, or parts that are not fully de-burred.

Low Volume / High Mix – A variety of jobs is performed by you requiring frequent die change-outs

High Tonnage and/or Long Bends

Machinery and/or you need several people to change over dies

Adjustable Dies

Wilson Tool assist offers adjustable dies that allow for quick and safe changes. Adjustable dies give you the ability to adjust the V-opening without having to purchase multiple dies. The adjustable die stays in the machine and helps you save time and resources. It is available for both new and existing machines, with various configuration options. We manufacture adjustable dies to meet your specific needs. Click here to see the options available for the adjustable die.

Curious about the savings an adjustable die can bring you?  Why not just us a call and we can run it through our installation cost analysis calculator to estimate your savings.