V Series Black

A Solution for Short Flanges and Die Marks

Wilson Tool’s V-Series Black press brake dies incorporate replaceable rotating inserts to
decrease friction and to give better performance on certain tough-to-bend applications.
Manufactured by Wilson Tool, the V-Series Black is available for European and Trumpf/Wila
style press brake tooling. The Wilson Tool V-Series Black die offers the following features:

Higher quality tool steel
Tighter tolerances
Increased bend accuracy
Shorter lead times

Hard-to-bend Application Capability:
V-Series Black dies make it much easier to produce small flanges, small bend radii, and bend close to holes. The
V-Series Black also enables you to bend a wide range of materials using the same die, reducing set-up time and the
number of dies you need to hold in stock.
Reduced Friction:
V-Series Black dies include replaceable built-in inserts that rotate so material glides on a flat surface rather than
the traditional grabbing action of a die’s shoulder radius. Friction and concentrated load is greatly reduced
which reduces material marking. This tool is ideal for working with diamond plate, stainless and aluminum. Add
Zip-Mar strips to the top of the inserts and marking on cosmetic materials such as painted or polished materials
is practically eliminated.

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