Urethane Bending

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New urethane products

From Wilson Tool help press brake operators reduce or even eliminate sheet marking during bending operations. Wilson’s mark free bending solutions, including urethane dies, holders, pads and rolls, save operators time by eliminating the need to clean up unwanted marks on sheets after bending.

Urethane Dies

Available in Wilson Tool’s American Precision and European style dies, urethane dies greatly reduce and in some cases completely eliminate sheet marking on the press brake.

Urethane Rolls

Available in two styles, urethane rolls provide a protective layer across the top of standard dies to prevent sheet marking. Wilson’s standard roll of urethane is available in thickness of .4mm or .8mm, depending on the application. New high-density urethane rolls, offered exclusively by Wilson Tool, are .55mm thick and last significantly longer than standard urethane.

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