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Precision Ground Vs. Planer Machine Press

Press Brake Tooling

Press brake tooling is an important step in creating tools for the manufacturing process. Planer machine press is a conventional tooling process, but for the customer where the precision of the product matters, the precision, precision ground tooling is chosen. It’s essential to know the differences between using Precision ground tooling (PGT) and Planer machine press tooling (PMPT) to make it cost-effective. Both the tooling machinery has their purposes in the manufacturing process. Still, it is confusing for the machine vendor to choose between these two tooling pieces of machinery. You need to be clear about the applications of each machine. Here we are providing you with some differences which you need to focus on before purchasing the machinery.

Finishing: PGT gives smoother surface finishing than PMPT.
Tolerance: Critical dimension tolerance can affect the functionality of the finished product. PGT gives more tolerance than PMPT.
Base Material: Base material affects the durability of the machinery. Higher the quality of steel, the higher the durability.
Lengths: PMPT can give the advantage of handling lengths better than PGT.

Questions to ask yourself
At first, you need to ask yourself to decide whether to purchase Precision ground tooling or Planer machine press tooling. These questions may bring clarity of thought in the selection process.

Do you purchase for the one-time job or the repeated job?
Is the tool heavy or light?
What is the base material you are going to work on machine?
What kind of finishing do you need?
Do you want precision in your tool?
How much tolerance of the end product do you require?
Are you going to match the parts for longer lengths?
Do you want part marking visible at the end?

Tool Tolerance+/- .01mmEnsures the best functionality of the tool+/-.13It is conventional which is being used for the past 100 years. Functionality may be less.
HandlingA single person can easily handle short lengths on this.It can handle long lengths but requires multiple operators for loading and unloading.
Surface Finish A smooth surface finishingLines leftover from machining may be present 
Tool InventoryLess inventory is needed. For longer lengths, have to match the parts. Perfect fitting enables this.More inventory is needed. Due to high tolerance, part making is not recommendable.
StorageEasy to organize in a cabinet.Typically stored on a rack or shelf.
Price vs. Cost/InchHigher tool price because of high quality Lower cost of ownershipLower tool price because of the poor quality Higher cost of ownership
Operation CostOperation cost is lowOperation cost is high
Base MaterialHigh-quality steel is used to manufacture that can be heat-treated and has more consistency in hardness and depth.Lower quality steel that results in less consistency in hardness and depth.
Special ToolingCommon in both precision ground and planer machined tooling.

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