Wilson Xtra Makes Accessories Accessible.

Xtra is your single source for a full selection of high quality machine parts and accessories for your punch press, press brake or stamping equipment. Online catalogues and the industry’s best customer service make ordering effortless.

From A to Xtra, We’ve Got You Covered.

Punch Press Tooling Accessories

  • Shims for thick, thin and Strippit style punches and dies
  • Slug ejectors
  • Zip-Mar™ adhesive disks
  • Demagnetizer
  • T-Handle extractor
  • Shear grinding fixture
  • Multi-Tool® punch and die holders
  • Punch and die grinder
  • Trumpf® style tool cartridge and die plate

Punch Press Machine Accessories

  • Alignment tools
  • Adapters
  • Ball riding die and brush die for thick turret machines
  • Turret bushings for Strippit style thin turret machines

Press Brake Accessories

  • Express Clamp torque wrench kits
  • Urethane rolls
  • Side gauge and accessories
  • Protractor accessories
  • Back gauge stopper plates/pads

Tool Assembly and Alignment

  • Adapters
  • Die and stripper adapters, die shims
  • Alignment fixture
  • Assembly fixtures and vice jaws

Wilson Xtra also offers a complete selection of hand tools and lubricants to keep your operation running smoothly.

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