Murata Wiedemann®

Increase Productivity with Wilson High Performance™ Murata Wiedemann® Tooling System.

Uniquely designed to handle high speed punching, the Wilson High Performance™ tooling system for Murata Wiedemann® boosts punch press productivity. It not only withstands more punches per minute than traditional punch press tooling but its innovative holder design speeds adjustments, drastically reducing downtime and improving efficiency. The standard Wilson HP holder works with all 112 and 114 style punches for Murata Wiedemann machines.

Engineered for Speed and Precision.

Wilson HP features full guiding and spring stripping for higher speed punching and increased punch life. Each tooling is constructed from hardened tool steel to increase durability and scratch resistance. A quick release steel stripper plate produces cleaner holes with less sheet distortion for greater precision.

Fast Adjustments Reduce Downtime.

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