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Tapping Sheet Metal in a Punch Press

Tapping sheet metal can quickly be done using an in-turret tapping tool to create threaded holes in sheet metal. Tapping is frequently used to assist in the faster assembly of sheet metal components, in-turret tapping tool eliminates the need to use additional machinery for inserting separately purchased fasteners or conducting secondary tapping operations that require more part handling. You get clean, high-quality tapped holes.

How It Works

Just like piercing or forming tools, the in-turret tapping tool is installed in the turret punch press in a regular punching station. With the action of the machine stroke, the in-turret tapping tool creates a perfect thread at all the programmed locations at speeds up to 200 taps per minute.

When the ram strikes the in-turret tapping tool, the vertical inertia is transferred to rotational inertia which rotates the tap, forming the threads in the material. Thus, the pitch of the thread is created. Timed to the machine stroke tapping fluid is injected at the tap at the initiation of the process. This helps in minimizing the tap wear and in creating a high quality tapped hole. Taps in the in-turret tapping tool that produce the threads can be changed easily. These are available with various coatings for enhanced tap performance and increased life span. The taps are available in a wide range of metrics and imperial sizes.

Tapping is possible in both thick and thin materials. For thinner material, you will need the extrude the hole to be tapped. This is also a process that is easily achieved on a punch press. The use of extrusions will ensure optimum thread engagement. Thicker materials may only need a thru-hole to create threads.

With a full set of working parameters, our experienced and skilled tooling technicians at Sheetmetal Tooling Technolgy can guide you on each of the applications to enable accurate engagement.

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