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See us at Australian Manufacturing Week Sydney 17-19 April 2024, Booth MT814

PressOne from CoastOne, an all-electric faster insertion machine, will be on display and ready for demonstration.
Modern technology requires only electricity, no oil.
Easy-to-use TC12 touchscreen control allows for precise control of fragile materials.

C-Series All-electric press brakes are our solution for bending all of your smaller parts. They operate with one or two ball screws and provide accurate results easily and reliably. As standard, they have user-friendly
Cone TC programming that even the newest operators can run expertly on their first day.

Wilson Tool Quick Tap Now in B Station

The highly successful Quick Tap tapping is literally a machine in your machine

  • Tap a threaded hole with every machine stroke, up to 200 holes per minute
  • Produce accurate threads at any programmed location on the sheet


The Wilson tool cabinet XSC guarantees maximum organisation with minimum space requirements. Thanks to vertical drawers, the tools are always ready to hand.

  • Ease of access from both sides.
  • Perfectly tailored fittings ensure protective storage with optimum use of space.


  • Thick Turret Trumpf
  • Salvagnini
  • Strippit Thin
  • BusBar Tooling
  • See us for your customised solution
  • Specials
    Bridge Lance and Form
  • Card Guide
  • Cluster Tools
  • Coining Tools


  • WT-Style, LVD-Style
  • ATC, Fixed Height
  • European Staged
  • Clamping Systems


software products provide a complete, comprehensive CAD/CAM solution that is friendly and easy to use. Auto-nesting, bending, and robotic bending cell solutions.

Programming and simulating Robotic Bending Cells

Auto-nesting solution  for punching and cutting

MBend for programming and simulating CNC press brake setups

MTube software is a user-intuitive 3D tube design application for the simple and easy creation of 3D tube profiles.


All Electric panel folders offer the latest technology.
We offer a range of machines with Auto Tool Change, Robotic loading and unloading, and a capacity of 3.0mm M.S. Robust cast bed and frame, Patented power hinge tooling.

Pivatic Solution

Traditional sheet metal production utilises standalone CNC machines. A crucial step to meet increasing throughput requirements is automation. Take a leap in productivity with automated Pivatic fabrication lines! Better cycle times, shorter set-up times, and parts ran in a single pass.