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2-4-1 System

The 2-4-1 tooling system for TRUMPF machines is made up of quick-change punches with a replaceable punch tip insert. The punch tip insert costs less than a standard punch and can be made from Wilson Tool’s proprietary Ultima® tool steel which has been shown…

Precision Ground Vs. Planer Machine Press

Press Brake Tooling Press brake tooling is an important step in creating tools for the manufacturing process. Planer machine press is a conventional tooling process, but for the customer where the precision of the product matters, the precision, pre…

Die Solutions For Tough Material

Bend Thick Metal Parts Bending heavy materials always results in excessive wear on your die that causes die changes which will be time-consuming and costly. So why use these long, expensive, and labor-intensive die changes when you can use an adjust…

Additive Tech-3D Printed Tooling

Metal additive manufacturing (AM), is an intriguing advancement in the field of technology. It has a niche in short-run press brake tooling and the production of peripheral assembly items. 3D-printed parts made of plastics or carbon fibre composites are a d…

Tapping Sheet Metal in a Punch Press

Tapping sheet metal can quickly be done using an in-turret tapping tool to create threaded holes in sheet metal. Tapping is frequently used to assist in the faster assembly of sheet metal components, in-turret tapping tool eliminates the need to use additio…
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