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Press Brake Setups are a Breeze with the Express Air™ Clamping System

Countersinking – Why take extra steps?

Why take extra steps? The old way to make a countersink was a three-step process: punch the hole, drill the sink, deburr. Three-step processes like this cost unnecessary time and money.

V Series Black

V-Series Black Press Brake Dies Better Performance On Tough-To-Bend Applications

EXP™ Technology

The revolutionary EXP technology makes it practical and cost effective to ONLY replace the punch, not the entire punch assembly. Designed to fit in all A and B station thick turret assemblies, EXP punches can be ordered in a vast array of…

Wilson HP Gets An Upgrade

Wilson Tool has made several significant upgrades to the most popular line of punch press tooling in the world – Wilson High Performance (HP) tooling. The enhancements include:
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