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Reduce Waste and Increase Efficiency with Turret Punch Presses

1)Short Run and Progressive Tooling for Turret Punch Presses Turret Punch Presses have become one of the most popular metal forming methods utilised in today’s manufacturing facilities with its important role in automated manufacturing systems. It is uti…

Power tool accessories: Countersinks

A countersink is a conical hole that is tapered at the bottom. The taper helps make the press-fit tight thus ensuring the rivet stays in place. Countersinks are generally used in one of two applications; The countersink is the press-fit hole that has bee…

The Significance of Open Height and Stroke in a Press Brake

The success of many companies projects are dependent on the skills of a press brake operator, which means it is important to understand the significance of open height and stroke when working with tooling. Open Height Open height is defined as the dis…

A Comprehensive Guide to the Oil-canning Effect

You’ve seen the commercials for the latest and greatest wide-load trucking technologies that promise to completely eliminate the oil canning effect. It feels like there must be an innovator out there who will find a way to finally stop oil canning once and …

2-4-1 System

The 2-4-1 tooling system for TRUMPF machines is made up of quick-change punches with a replaceable punch tip insert. The punch tip insert costs less than a standard punch and can be made from Wilson Tool’s proprietary Ultima® tool steel which has been shown…