Ultra durable and loaded with performance enhancing features, Wilson Standard Thick Turret Tooling is an affordable solution for fabricators looking to improve productivity and reduce tool replacement costs. Stronger tool steels, an intelligent design and optional surface enhancements combine to make Wilson Standard the new standard in low cost, high quality thick turret tooling.

Longer Life and Greater Precision.

Available for either “Old Style” or 80/90° style punches, Wilson Standard Thick Turret Tooling is manufactured with a hardened steel guide, providing four times more grind life than traditional old style guide assemblies. A built-in oiling system assures proper internal/external lubrication for a consistently smooth and precise punching action.

Quick, Accurate Adjustments.

Wilson Standard Thick Turret Tooling is uniquely designed to speed adjustments. External keying allows for quick key position changes and push button punch length adjustments eliminate the need for shims. Two-inch (C) and 3-1/2 inch (D) station guide assemblies are keyed at 0°, 90° and 225° and keys are coated with Wilson’s exclusive Optima® coating for superior wear resistance.

Flexible Retention Options.

Wilson Standard uses standard stripper plates and includes two stripper plate retention systems. Positive locking stripper plate retention is provided by either an “Old Style” stripper clip or wire lock retaining ring.

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