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Press Brake Tooling: Understanding the Different Types

Press brake is a term that you’re already aware of if you work in the manufacturing sector. A machine tool called a press brake is used to bend and shape sheet metal. But did you realize that your press brake’s tooling can greatly impact the quality of the final product?

The use of press brake tooling is necessary to the bending process. The press brake is equipped with a metal forming tool that is used to shape sheet metal into the appropriate shape. Understanding how various types of tooling are used for various purposes will allow you to select the one that best suits your requirements.

Here are some of the most common types of press brake tooling:


The most common tool used in bending processes is a V-die. It has a “V” shape and is made to be used with a matched punch to create a bend in sheet metal. Many bend angles and radii can be made by adjusting the V-die.


To cut grooves or channels in sheet metal, a U-die tool with a “U” shape is used along with a matching punch to create the desired shape.

Bottoming Die:

The sheet metal is bent sharply with the help of a bottoming die. The tight radius bend it produces is designed to be used with a V-die.

Gooseneck Punch:

The gooseneck punch is a tool that can bend sheet metal in difficult-to-reach areas due to its curved shape, allowing it to fit into small spaces and create the desired bend.

Hemming Die:

When paired with a V-die, the hemming die is a tool that produces a  clean, crisp edge in sheet metal.

Radius Tooling:

To make bends with a particular radius, radius tooling is used. It comes in a range of sizes and works with a V-die or U-die to bend materials in the desired directions.

These are a few types of press brake tooling available. Additional types include curling tooling, beading tooling, and flanging tooling.

When choosing the right tooling for your press brake, it’s important to consider factors like the 

thickness and type of material you’ll be working with, the angle and radius of the bend, and the precision and accuracy required for your finished product. Consulting with an expert tooling supplier like Tooltech can help ensure that you choose the right tooling for your specific needs.

In conclusion, press brake tooling is an important factor of the sheet metal bending process. Understanding the different types of tooling available and their respective applications can help you make the best choice for your specific needs, resulting in higher quality finished products and greater overall efficiency. At Tooltech, we can help you choose the right press brake tooling for your specific requirements.