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Specialty Coatings Shield Punches Against Wear

Do you deal with excessive galling? Are your punches wearing out faster than normal? Wilson Tool International offers four unique coatings for punch press applications to solve problems like these and more. Each coating provides distinct advantages depending on the problem you’d like to solve. Wilson Tool engineers have developed serval coatings, Optima® coating is just one example. Optima® coating provides a surface hardness, wear-resistance and lubricity unmatched by any other coated or uncoated turret punch press tooling. The result is a longer tool life, more hits between sharpenings, reduced galling, better performance and less downtime.


Nitrex high endurance surface enhancement increases punch press tooling life by several times that of ordinary tooling. Wilson Tool’s patented process provides a surface hardness of HRC-70, increasing long-term durability. Nitrex is also very effective in reducing punch wear and galling when piercing galvanized materials.


Developed by Wilson Tool engineers, Optima coating provides significantly longer tool life, more hits between sharpenings, reduced galling, better performance and less downtime. With a surface hardness of 95 Rockwell C, Optima far exceeds the hardness levels that can be achieved with conventional tool steels. It resists galling in stainless and galvanized steel and is unaffected by sharpening. Optima coating will outlast untreated tools by as much as seven times.


Available only from Wilson Tool, the combination of Slip-Max’s hardness and lubricity greatly increases punch life and reduces galling when piercing aluminum. Slip-Max is also very effective in resolving challenging stripping problems when punching or forming stainless steel and aluminum.


Wilson Tool’s Wearbeater is a titanium nitride (TiN) coating that helps reduce galling and extends punch life in certain applications.

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